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January 26, 2013
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dAmnGotMail - Automatic Inbox Checker by DJ-Zemar dAmnGotMail - Automatic Inbox Checker by DJ-Zemar


Notice 1: If your dAmnGotMail script has stopped working and you're using Firefox, this is due to a bug in version 32+ which breaks a vital part of the script's code. This will not harm your use of deviantART in any way, it just won't update your inbox for the time being.
Notice 2:  After the recent update to deviantART, I am currently working on a new version to make it more aesthetically and structurally pleasing (such as replacing older style classes and object layouts for the newer ones), but I cannot continue until Firefox fixes the bug mentioned in the above notice.

Thank you for the Daily Deviation, everyone! :D

6/06/2014 - Update:

:bulletblack: Due to recent changes with Google Chrome, user scripts and apps which aren't in the Google Web Store will no longer work. To solve this, please use Tampermonkey as instructed below.

6/08/2013 - Current Version: 1.7

:bulletblack: Fixed a bug receiving notifications due to the deviantART store news being removed from the feed. Changes have been made to fix this in version 1.7. My apologies for the delay of this fix. It was presumed to be the previous Google Chrome glitch due to the Chromium project; however, when the bug was fixed, the script then failed again due to the deviantART store closing for good.


This is dAmnGotMail, an automatic inbox refresh script..
The purpose of this script is to automatically notify you of new messages in your inbox without having to reload the page; this is especially helpful when on the chat network.

The inspiration to make this script came from Dediggefedde. He gave some extremely helpful advice; the script is also modeled on two of the functions used in his script Devsidebar which is an amazing piece of work. I have since released multiple changes to the original script and have further refined it, fixing any bugs and improving the design both in its code as well as aesthetically.

This script for Firefox (Greasemonkey) or Google Chrome, will automatically update your deviantART inbox located on your menu bar.

It does not interfere with the user menus, however, and is very simple.

How to install...

for Firefox:
:bulletred: First make sure you have Firefox with the Greasemonkey plugin.

:bulletyellow: If you do not have Greasemonkey, click here to get it now.

:bulletgreen: Once you have Greasemonkey, download the script:
    ► Click here to go to the script home page!

:bulletblue: Then just install the script, restart Firefox, and enjoy!

for Chrome:
:bulletred: First make sure you have Google Chrome with the Tampermonkey plugin (required since May 2014).

:bulletyellow: If you do not have Tampermonkey, click here to get it now.

:bulletgreen: Once you have Tampermonkey, download the script:
    ► Click here to go to the script home page!

:bulletblue: Then just install the script in Tampermonkey, restart Google Chrome, and enjoy!

for Opera:
:bulletred: First make sure you have Opera with the Violentmonkey plugin.

:bulletyellow: If you do not have Violentmonkey, click here to get it now.

:bulletgreen: Once you have Violentmonkey, download the script:
    ► Click here to go to the script home page!

:bulletblue: Then just install the script in Violentmonkey, restart Opera, and enjoy!

Important Notice:

Make sure you have the Splinter Menu turned off before using this script. It was not designed for the Splinter Menu and will most likely cause undesired effects.

Change Log:

Verison 1.7: Fixed bug after the closing of the deviantART store.
Version 1.6: Fixed login issues, Improved design, fixed Activity Stack and fixed Journal Stack.
Version 1.5: Fixed the 1 (1 Note) glitch and now it will only display 1 Note, 2 Notes, etc whenever you have notes and no other messages.
Version 1.4: Fixed a minor visual formatting error. Script will no longer miss a "bar" between certain items and the notes item.
Version 1.3: Separated Correspondence messages from the Feedback messages; this makes the script seem closer to the original inbox's look.
Version 1.2: Cleaned up the script a bit. Slightly increased stability.
Version 1.1: Fixed for Google Chrome. Runs better on both browsers.

Known Bugs:

Does not work with Group Messages
Does not work with the splinter menu
Does not work with Mentions

If you like my script and would like to show your appreciation, please add it to your Favorites. Doing so will help spread the word of this script so can slowly spread and help deviantART more! :)

You may also Donate if you feel inclined to do so.. :meow:
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-02-08
Katieline Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Script still working fine as far as I can see after Nav changes, but seems to be removing the envelope symbol next to the number of messages. Is that fixable?

Also, when you say it doesn't work with group notifications, does that mean A) it doesn't keep track of them or B) it completely removes them from the message menu? I had a phantom message for the last few days that I couldn't get to until I turned Greasemonkey off, though that might have been a different script. (deleted message before I could test, idiot me)
DJ-Zemar Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm working on a fix, but like I said in the top of the description under "Notice," I can't until Firefox fixes their shenanigans.

And by not working with group notifications, I mean you'll see them for a brief second after the page loads, but once the script refreshes the inbox, they aren't loaded. You can still check the group messages manually, but the script won't load them. This is because they're separate inboxes. Because not many people are group admins/owners, it really isn't worth the hours of rewriting the script to have a chance of either fixing or breaking it.

If I can ever find another JavaScript programmer that thinks they can figure it out, I might let them have a whack at it.
Katieline Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Okay, got it. Thanks much for replying. :)
DJ-Zemar Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely, hope it helped.. And don't worry, I'm still waiting for good ol' Firefox to update their crap so I can fix the plugin.
CoreyAMurray Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
I'm sorry, but I tried it on Firefox and it doesn't seem to be working for me...
DJ-Zemar Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have Firefox and it just worked right now as I'm writing this. Are you sure you set it up correctly with greasemonkey and all?
CoreyAMurray Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
Well, come to think of it, no, I'm not sure...
DJ-Zemar Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tinker around with that and make sure greasemonkey works.. If you can't get scripts like SuperdAmn to work, then this probably won't either.
CoreyAMurray Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
ok, I'll try
SpookChu Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i saw something about it screwing up cookies O: but im getting it anyway, imma take mah chances ouo
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